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Sharing Professional Communities

Otica.ai’s Solutions

Knowledge marketplace
Open professional communities
Private professional communities

Knowledge marketplace

  • Offer your professional knowledge on Otica.ai's marketplace
  • Allow your knowledge assets to work for you
  • Create items of knowledge suited for the needs of your professional community
  • Purchase reliable knowledge from reliable experts
  • Get notified on new relevant-to-you items of professional knowledge

Open professional communities

  • Build open communities of professionals
  • Get immediate and reliable access to items of knowledge you need
  • Showcase your expertise and gain reputation
  • Follow other experts
  • Unleash the power of crowd sourcing to enhance your professional abilities

Private professional communities

  • Build privately owned professional communities
  • Control your professional communities with your own admin system
  • Seamlessly create and store professional knowledge through built-in processes
  • Get your professionals out of unsafe inefficient social media
  • Know who your professionals are

Latest Blog Post

Ai Technology

AI: Technology in Search of a Philosophy

"The June 2018 edition of the magazine The Atlantic featured a surprising article on AI, titled: How Enlightenment Ends. It’s not so much the topic that is surprising, rather its author, no other than Henry Kissinger, a political thinker, global strategist and former Sectary of State to the Nixon and Ford administrations."


Our vision

We believe that the enormous potential for human cooperation unleashed by the digital age and multiplied by emerging artificial intelligence capabilities set the stage for new models of professional work.

At Otica.ai we aim to provide such models thus bridging the gap between creating and sharing professional knowledge and the digital - AI age.